April 1, 18:00-19:00

Centre de danse du Marais

41 rue du Temple, 75004 Paris

(Hôtel de Ville, Rambuteau)


Join Marybeth for PULSE, one of the newest Nia routines, created by Nia Trainer Kelle Rae Oien. 

This class is for every body - new and experienced students and teachers. The focus of PULSE is the chemistry of the three movement arts in Nia: Martial Arts, Dance Arts, and Healing Arts. The intent is for you to sense these three as unique energy personalities you can use to bring moves to life and deliver holistic conditioning using movement and energy variety for conditioning benefits.

The music is fab and you can listen here

Cost: 12 €  if you are coming for the first time, 17.50€ drop-in