I transformed my body and life with Nia!

It took me 50 years of life and 20 years of learning and practice to become a First Degree Black Belt Nia Practitioner and and International Transformational Retreat Leader. I had two small kids, not a lot of time for myself and I didn’t feel healthy or strong. I joined a gym and expected that “working out” several times a week would make me feel better. I did get stronger and I did lose weight, but I didn’t feel better.

And then... I saw a sign for a new class, Nia. The people were smiling and they looked like they were having an incredibly great time for an exercise class!  The first time I danced in a Nia class, I LOVED it!

Six months later, our teacher told us she was moving. I was devastated; I didn't want my Nia experience to end. My teacher encouraged me to do the White Belt Intensive and to become a teacher myself. 

I had so little confidence in my ability to move and dance and it took months for me to open to the possibility that I could take her advice and pursue teaching Nia. The White Belt Intensive was the catalyst for a new direction and expansion for me-body, mind, emotions and spirit. 

In 2005, I moved to London with my family. Nia took a back seat for a while as we explored near and far. I taught a weekly class but my focus was on travel, exploring, and soaking up all our new life had to offer.

Fast forward to 2008, when my husband’s work transferred us to my hometown, Richmond, Virginia. There were no Nia classes in the area and I committed myself to sharing my passion with a new audience. I decided to rededicate myself to teaching Nia and that's when the magic started. Slowly, I grew my classes and eventually built a large, loving and committed Nia community.  I encouraged many of my students to become teachers themselves - just as my original teacher had encouraged me. 

Over the next several years, I helped organize Nia intensive trainings in Richmond and the Nia community blossomed. The teachers and students of Richmond Nia fill my heart and soul with joy every time we are together.

The rollercoaster of life had more plans for me, and in 2015, Tom’s work transferred us to Paris. Leaving my Nia community in Richmond was painful; and Nia remained a constant in my life. Once I arrived in Paris, I dove deeper into my personal practice of Nia. I travelled to Germany, Belgium, Italy, the UK, Sweden, and the Netherlands to learn and learn and learn and play. I made new friends and had time focus on my practice and my teaching.

I am now "home" to RVA  to share all that I have experienced.  I hope you will join me on the dance floor!

Marybeth is one of those extraordinary individuals who truly cares and connects with anyone who is open. She embodies the essence of Nia in her classes and her life. Her Nia classes are full of fun and joy for sure, but she also guides us to expand our body, mind, emotions, and spirit in ways we have not experienced before. Allow yourself to commit to her classes and open to her nurturing ways...she will help you re-discover the treasures inside yourself!      Heather U.

Marybeth is an inspiring, magical teacher who brings the joy of dancing within your body to every Nia class. And with each class you attend you find yourseld swept up, intoxicated with that magical energy, anticipating the next time you’ll get to share the JOY of Movement with her. If you ever get the chance, dance with Marybeth, your life just might discover a lighter step.   Bosha N.

Marybeth’s Nia classes are like a warm, joyous, hour long hug. I highly recommend her as a Nia teacher and as a person.   Jessica C.

Marybeth is a wonderful teacher! She conveys enthusiasm, excitement and the joy of movement. Being with her in class keeps me moving, smiling, having fun and expanding my experience of Nia and myself. She is a gem!   Judith K.

Marybeth is one of kind beautiful soul that completely expose her essence, love, and passion for Nia in every class. She is contagious, optimistic, and she moves in smooth ways that inspire the best of all. She fills up every class with enthusiasm, ease, and laughter. She help us see the beauty and growth potential in ourselves. I believe in the transformational power of Nia’s way of living. Thanks Marybeth for bringing Nia in our lives!  Carolina M.

Fun! Inspiring! I never miss a class with Marybeth. Her sweet spirit is infectious, spreading the joy of Nia.  Debra P.

Marybeth is fabulous! Great teacher and lovely person. Her classes are the best...if you think you want to try a new fun “exercise” a Nia class with Marybeth is for you!  Sharon M.

Marybeth is a positive, radiant person! Being around her is so uplifting and experiencing her Nia classes is magical. I want to plan a trip for some Paris Nia!!  Brooke C.

Marybeth is a fabulous teacher! Nia class with her is food for the soul. Marybeth truly puts the JOY into movement. Not to be missed!!!!   Ali F.